Volumetric Modeling

A new type of agent-based model for forecasting sales volume of a new product (packaged goods, food & drugs)

Droit/Economie - 218 pages - 145x210

ISBN : 9782342152135

Current methods for forecasting sales of new products are in urgent need of a makeover due to the rapidly changing field of data processing and information technology in general. As an alternative to the usual five-point purchase intent model, this book proposes a new approach based on the modulation of purchase probability over time depending on the different sales initiatives taken. Here, we explain the reasons behind severe criticism of existing methods, whilst developing the theoretical basis of an alternative approach.
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Head of Media Research at the Thibaud-Lintas Agency (Unilever Group) from 1968 to 1973. Managing Director of Burke Marketing Research France from 1974 to 1986; during this period, Alain Pioche initiated the European launch of the Bases model in close collaboration with Lynn Lin, the creator of the model, which later underwent significant development on the basis of this first European set-up. From 1987 to 1992: Vice-President of Nielsen Europe in charge of the development of new business sectors (including consumer panels, single source, test markets, etc.). In 1990, Alain Pioche became Head of Nielsen Modeling Worldwide for all countries. 1993: co-founder of Interstat with Alain Maréchal. Since 1993: Associate Director of Interstat.


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