VICTORY will be next !

Roman historique - 128 pages - 134x204

ISBN : 9782342149258

Publié le : 23/03/2021

The story takes place in Brittany, focussing on Rennes and Redon, i.e. about 200 kilometres (125 miles) from the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy, about fifteen minutes by plane as the crow flies. The months of June and July 1944 were very difficult for the allied troops. They relentlessly fought to block German reinforcements coming from the West and the South, which resulted in constant bombing and machine-gunning of the rear boundary of the front line, the area where we were living.


As civilians, we did not take part in the fighting and everyday life alternated between calm periods, on the verge of being "normal", and tragic moments of great tension. ''Victory will be next !" is a set of notes written at that moment in time, day by day, by a fifteen-year-old boy. They are, obviously, fragmented, even a little naive, But they are nonetheless a testimony of a snapshot of history within the larger picture of WWII. They should be taken as such.

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