Dendrochronological Cross-Dating Applicable in Tropical Area

Recherches - 66 pages - 170x240

ISBN : 9782342040371

Complement to history and archeology, dendrochronology is this discipline dealing with life of trees from the study of their rings. That growing science is currently trying to enhance its methods, research techniques and conclusions. Thus, the Ruthin Bayélé-Goma's thesis explicits here the scientific dating method he elaborated with his samples from Aucoumea klaineana, Plagiotyles africana and Polyalthia suaveolens species in the Chaillu Mountains (Ngouba site).
With this book that reveals, step by step, the elaboration of his dating method, Ruthin Bayélé-Goma offers dendrochronology one of theses prospections allowing any science to build itslef and progress. Meticulous study that made the winning bet of synthesis to develop its demonstration, "Interdatation..." may be one of these major milestones that will transform not only its own discipline, but also our knowledges in historical significiance.
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Ruthin Bayélé-Goma is Professor Missionary Itinerant of Dendochronology, Paleobotany and Vegetable biology, associate to the learning Faculty Congo Brazzaville's University.


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