Roman psychologique - 284 pages - 134x204

ISBN : 9782342350180

Publié le : 21/01/2021

AUTOPSY OF A WAR intertwines two stories informed by loss and resilience. The first narrative stages an American scholar who intends to spend a sabbatical semester in Nice, France, to work on a novel; the pandemic and the eight-week lockdown of Spring 2020 give her plans an unexpected turn and shape. The second narrative — conducted in the fashion of French writer Georges Perec’s Je me souviens — tells the story of a young French teenager who moves to the United States after her parents and her older brother are killed in a car crash. Both women struggle with the existential and psychological issues raised by their exilic journeys to surrender familiar landmarks and navigate unchartered seas. 

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The author has lived and worked in France, the United States and Switzerland. His work and fiction explore questions of identity and belonging as transformative borderlands, particularly in an intercultural context. He has also published in French a novel in stories titled Ombres et murmures (Publibook 2018); its narrative lines rehearse different pronouns and voices to stage a gallery of characters whose life experiences explore the Uncanny in our human condition.

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